Natural Rubber Thick Non Slip Eco Friendly Features

The natural rubber thick non slip eco friendly has some yoga equipments points that make it a perfect yoga mat option regardless at less than $100 price. It ultimate eco-friendly yoga mat: made from natural rubber and beyond sustainable cork.

Natural Cork and Natural Rubber Yoga Mat 72

As a perfect yoga equipments,

the ultimate eco-friendly yoga mat. gaia guy’s cork yoga mat is designed to support you & the planet.
improve your yoga practice at any level! a gaia guy cork yoga mat can enhance your progress from ashtanga to vinyasa and everything in between.

100% non-toxic sustainable & 100% stylish!â cork forests help prevent soil erosion! these forests also increase the absorption of rainfall and act as a barrier to desertification. eva/tpe (plastic) mats aren’t even in this category of eco-friendliness. harvesting cork encourages the tree to store carbon . you could say that by practicing yoga with gaia guy cork yoga mat you are doing as much for your back bends as you are for making sure we all don’t end. thank you!.

the choice of eco-friendly yoga studios. the natural traction (better when wet!) of cork on your hands and feet make it one of the best and safest materials you can use and use confidently.

caring for your gaia guy cork yoga mat:

after your practice simply let it air and dry flat. at times getting some sunshine will be enough for daily care. unlike a jade natural rubber mat for example the cork won’t heat up and burn your hands and feet if you like to practice in the sun. if body oils accumulate try a vinegar water and essential oil diy mat cleaner.â 

if there are some dirt/soil spots (sure you can take it outside!) then wipe the spot with a clean cloth and a little organic soap and water. use a damp cloth to get rid of any soap and lay flat to dry completely. roll up loosely cork side out.

order now and enjoy the just email your order number so a yoga sling can be sent to you as a gift! /p>

This natural cork and natural rubber yoga mat 72″ x 24″ x 5mm thick. non-slip eco-friendly yoga mats! due for anyone who are looking for yoga mat with ultimate eco-friendly yoga mat: made from natural rubber and beyond sustainable cork. it’s a renewable resource! it is robust and weighs 6.4lbs so if that isn’t to your liking then get the travel cork yoga mat by gaia guy (check our shop). totally non-toxic: free from pvcs and other chemicals that can harm you and our planet. even the so-called environmentally friendly tpe or other psuedo natural mats can’t compete with this plant-based yoga mat. naturally antimicrobial – cork is simply the best surface for your hot yoga and any sweaty practice. it will inhibit the growth of bacteria mold and odors which otherwise thrive on other cheap foam yoga mats. simply lay flat to dry and store it open or roll it up cork side out and store it how you would any other yoga mat. traction satisfaction – the wetter the better! wet this nonslip yoga mat before your practice to enhance the non-slip qualities of these natural yoga mats. cork proves again that it is the best surface for yoga with its amazing grip even wet or dripping in sweat from hours of ashtanga vinyasa or any yoga practice. no towel needed! your mat is ready to go out of the box. stylish durable & sexy – perfect mat for beginner and advanced yogis and yoginis! hey it’s even a great exercise mat for cardio crossfit and pilates.

During the time of uploading this natural rubber thick non slip eco friendly review, there have been more than 26 reviews on this corner. Most of the reviews were very favorable and we give rating 4.7 from 5 for this natural cork and natural rubber yoga mat 72″ x 24″ x 5mm thick. non-slip eco-friendly yoga mats!. It better and comfortable to buy this yoga equipment since get a chance to read how real users felt about picking this yoga mats. Reviews by people who have used or earlier ordered this natural rubber thick non slip eco friendly are worth output to make selections.

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