Iuga Pu Tpe Yoga Mat Us (Gray) Price

The iuga pu tpe yoga mat us (gray) offers ultimate grip – no sliding and no slipping with a particular yoga equipments design. Most importantly, it’s a high quality yoga mat and still less than $70 price.


As a particular yoga equipments, are you struggling to find the most suitable yoga mat for you? most people are likely in one of two categories even yogis with years of experience.

bargain brand: you’re buying cheaper pvc nbr yoga mats from super market or online stores to save on cost but you end up needing another one within a few days weeks or months because of slips shreds or smells.


famous brand: you’ve paid 2-3x more for the popular brand mat because you’ve seen a ton of advanced yogis using them. except most smell terrible or they have scrubbing and break in rituals before you can even utilize them for your practice. they end up needing more attention than the bargain mats.
either way with both yoga mat types you end up paying more than you need to in money and in time.

why choose iuga

designed by yogis for yogis
throughout the design process we’ve consulted and gathered inspiration from some of the best yogis in the yoga cosmos.
we all love yoga at iuga. some of us are top-notch yoga instructors and we all want to bring you quality products to help further your yoga practice.
we want to make sure that you have everything you need to reach your goal. what you desire may be body oriented or mind oriented.
know that in both cases we are here to support you always by your side on the beautiful journey that is mental and physical fitness through the best accessories that we could develop and improve.
we create each product from the bottom up taking great care of everything from the materials used to the design and fit just as you grow your practice from the foundation to complicated poses and difficult exercises.

we are a small family business that works in the spirit of yoga.your satisfaction is our #1 goal. 1 year guarantee to make your purchase worry free.

This iuga pu tpe yoga mat us (gray) suitable for you who want yoga mat with ultimate grip – no sliding and no slipping. the thin polyurethane top layer wicks away sweat and absorbs moisture for a strong grip and slip-free surface. technology designed to keep you super safe and always in place no matter what type of yoga you practice. take your best yoga practice to the next level and go deeper into your poses safely. it’s perfect for all forms of yoga especially bikram vinyasa ashtanga and various hot yoga. completely odor free mat: unlike other natural rubber and pvc mats there’s no rubbery smell when you take it out of the package. not only that the antibacterial material naturally eliminates germs and bacteria to keep odors at bay so your mat stays as fresh as the day you bought it. lightweight and extra durable: – high density and durable. there’s no flaking no stretching or falling apart with our full-size yoga mats. weighing in at 2.5 lbs less than half the weight of traditional rubber yoga mats it’s perfect for carrying to and from the studio or traveling. 100% non-toxic and safe to use: we believe in creating eco-friendly products that are safe for your body mind and spirit. made with sustainably harvested biodegradable tree rubber mat is.completely free from pvc latex and other toxic materials. be kind to your body knowing you aren’t breathing in harmful chemicals next time you’re doing downward dog. comfortable without compromising performance: iuga pro yoga mat is the optimal combination of cushioning and stability. the 5mm cushion base delivers comfort while providing a sturdy grounded feel to keep you stable and supported in every pose. the extra-large size (72″x26″) is ideal for those who need more room to spread out.

Reviews by person who already take on board this iuga tpe yoga mat gray are meaningful explanation to make decisions. It will better and comfortable to purchase this yoga equipment after get a chance to hear how real consumers felt about buying this yoga mats. At the time of writing this iuga pu tpe yoga mat us (gray) review, there were no less than 2 reviews on this web. On average the reviews were extremely satisfied and we give rating 5 from 5 for this iuga pu tpe yoga mat us (gray).

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