Flex Foot Harness Flexibility Assistance Benefits

The flex foot harness flexibility assistance is easily the best deal for less than $30 price and has high points from yoga strap users. The combination of easy and convenient to wear and reasonable price makes it one of a particular yoga equipments to choose on the market.

Flex Foot Harness - Safe Flexibility Assistance Straps For Stretching Yoga & Pilates - Regular 6-10 Shoe

As a particular yoga equipments, the flex foot harness are 2 lightweight straps made to wear on your feet giving you direct access to a ‘grip’ that is easily held for extended periods of time. it was developed to help you achieve better and quicker results with your yoga practice pilates stretching / flexibility physical therapy rehabilitation strength and balance. the accessory strap that is included with the package contains hand hold loops and can be used as an extension strap for the foot harness or on it’s own. it is best used for stretching your arms shoulders waist and back. the conventional straps towel or belt that is used for stretching in therapy rehabilitation and yoga settings in most cases is difficult to maneuver and hard to keep on the feet. this can be dangerous if the foot slips out and is especially true for anyone who has limited physical range balance or physical challenges / injuries. the harness was first used at the shriners children’s hospital (rehabilitation for spinal cord injury) and from there was used to teach adults with spinal cord injuries. being that these are medical facilities research was conducted on various therapeutic aspects of stretching strengthening & balance and with that in mind a specially designed accessory strap with hand hold loops was added to the package as an extension for the foot harness. this gives people a strap they can hold if they had challenges with their hands arms and shoulders (i.e. weakness arthritis paralysis). a number of people without these physical challenges but with flexibility limitations happened to see the flex fit harness in use and the rest is history. enjoy be well become balanced and flexible and do so safely!

This flex foot harness – safe flexibility assistance straps for stretching yoga & pilates – regular 6-10 shoe due for you who want yoga strap with easy and convenient to wear. increases joint mobility increases circulation relieves stiffness. reduces risk of injury recreates balance accelerates recovery time. ideal for yoga athletics rehabilitation martial arts physical therapy more!. comes with 2 foot harnesses and 1 accessory strap with hand hold loops.

Reviews by person who have picked this flex foot harness flexibility assistance are worth information to make resolutions. During the time of writing this flex foot harness flexibility assistance review, there have been no less than one review on this site. In general the review was extremely satisfied and we give rating 5 from 5 for this flex foot harness – safe flexibility assistance straps for stretching yoga & pilates – regular 6-10 shoe. It more comfortable and better to pick this yoga equipment since get to be able to hear how real users felt about picking this yoga straps.

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